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ramblings of the insane

Life may not be the party we hoped for but while we're here might as well dance

13 September
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Southern by birth, by choice, and by the grace of God.

I am 26, recently became engaged to a wonderful man (who i feel the urge to kill, but only occasionly). I just became an aunt (by blood) for the first time. A beautiful baby boy. I have 2 older neohews from my step-brothers. I love children and would like an even dozen, if I could afford a entire army of nannies, but as I can not afford an army of nannies, I think 2 children (maybe 3 if I am feeling brave and stupid)will suffice. I have never enjoyed writing, but I want to start enjoying it, and in order to occomplish that I must become more proficient at it. Practice...